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Nano Ceramic Coating for Rims – ProFormula - Anti-Scratch - Hydrophobic CANADIAN

$49.00 AUD

Introducing Nano Ceramic Coating (ProFormula) by Rim Protector North America. ProFormula specifically engineered to provide maximum protection for all types of rims. Our ProFormula contains the highest quality Nano-Ceramic Particles available anywhere – years of research and road-testing has gone into this product to get it to where it is today.

Repels brake dust, road grime, tar, oil & corrosive fluids like road salt

12 months protection with one application

      • Anti-Scratch Protection: Our ProFormula 9H coating adds a protective, anti-scratch nano-ceramic barrier for up to one year with just a single application (and minimum effort).
      • High Gloss Shine Protection: Once applied, our ProFormula rim coating repels brake dust and road grime like oil, dirt, tar and other corrosive fluids. The hydrophobic coating creates a barrier and adds a high-gloss protective shine to your rims with minimum effort.
      • Easy to Apply: The instruction sheet inside the box is simple and self explanatory. It literally takes about one minute to learn how to apply this product. 
      • Kit Includes: One kit contains enough ProFormula Nano Ceramic Coating for multiple applications (each coating lasting up to one year); a dual-surface application sponge; five application cloths and a plush, soft microfibre buffing cloth.

Unlike other generic paint-protecting ceramic coatings, our ProFormula Nano Ceramic Coating is specifically engineered to protect rims from scratches and grime… plus, makes cleaning rims a very easy task. The coating repels brake dust, road grime, tar, oil and other corrosive fluids like road salt. 

Our formula contains the highest quality Nano-Ceramic Particles available anywhere in the world. Application is super-simple. One application protects rims for up to 12 months or more, plus, one kit contains enough coating for up to 4 applications so could last over 4 years, or can do multiple vehicles.

For best results, thoroughly clean, rinse and dry your rims before applying ProFormula Nano Ceramic Coating. Then, use the microfibre cloth (included in the kit) to wipe and dry the surface completely. Once you apply the ProFormula coating to the rim, buff immediately with the microfibre cloth. Clean, apply, buff and shine… easy as 1-2-3 for shiny, protected rims.

Applying ProFormula Nano Ceramic Coating to your new rims (right after you take them out of the box) is a super convenient way to protect your investment.

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