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Wireless Battery Monitor - EVRIGARD BM-5 - Dashboard Display - Solar Powered

$99.00 AUD
The new EVRIGARD BM-5 Wireless Battery Monitor is a high quality, powerful system. Simply connect the transmitter to your battery, then place the display on your dashboard and you will get comprehensive battery monitoring in real-time.

  • Real-time monitoring of health, temperature, power and voltage
  • Automatically test standing, cranking and charging systems
  • Transmitter uses RF433MHz wireless trasmission for accurate readings
  • Detailed HD dash board display means you see all information in one place
  • Display is solar powered making it a truely wireless system
  • Easy install, connect transmitter to battery and place display on dash (using non-slip dash pad)
  • Connects and monitors with auto power-off
  • Auto alarm for abnormal function
  • Short circuit and reverse connection protection
  • Uses advanced algorithm over time for accurate results
  • Tests battery State of Health and and State of Charge


Compatiblility: All 12V lead-acid battery
Average operating current: 2.3mA max
Input Voltage: 6V - 20V
Operating Temperature: -40 DegC - 90 DegC
Voltage Accuracy: +/-0.03V


  • HD Display unit
  • RF Transmitter
  • Sticky Dash Pad

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